Start - Stop Emergency button

Start - Stop Emergency button

The emergency button from Rhenes offers easier and flexible installation. The high-quality emergency stop function with mushroom head allows immediate shutdown to ensure complete safety of the working environment.

9,90 € s DPH

9,90 €

Dostupnosť: Skladom
Skladom: 25 ks

Výrobca: Rhenes

Hodnotenie produktu: 5/5 (1x)

Vaše hodnotenie:

  • Button with hemispherical head, red marking for clear visibility.
  • Easy reset with the possibility of turning to the release position
  • possibility of mounting on the surface Plug and play
  • turn to release the easily adjustable control, where the unit has been notified and activated for easier Start-Stop operations
  • screw terminal with pins for printed circuits (reliable short-circuit protection)

The button comes with a standard 24 month warranty.

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